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Our History

Borthwick Jewelry Inc. was founded on March 3rd 1997 in Ferndale, WA located on Main street. Starting on a shoe string budget, Tom Borthwick drove up and down I-5 in search of used showcases, used jewelry displays and used mirror wall display (which hold figurines), ring boxes. Some of this Tom found at the now defunct store Best. He obtained jewelry boxes from Best which still had their logo inside so Tom typed up his logo and taped it inside the box. All this traveling around saved Tom money.

When opening the store, Tom knew he needed a logo, a slogan and a goal. Tom decided the logo should be a side view of a diamond. For a slogan Tom pictured his bald headed dad going into a mall jewelry store asking how much the diamond cost. Tom visualized his father with red veins popping out of his head because the price was so high. Tom thought to himself what would an old man remember as he’s walking out of an expensive jewelry store? Diamond King! Maybe his dad would think to himself, haven’t I heard of a Diamond King around here? So this slogan and logo was made into a ring that said Diamond King. For a slogan Tom put his beliefs into practice.

“Our goal is to provide you with friendly, knowledgeable and honest service while selling high quality jewelry for less.”

Many local people remember Tom standing in front of his store with a bullhorn and yelling: ”Pull over, Pull over! She needs diamond earrings!” People would laugh but little did they know, money was tight and Borthwick’s was just trying to survive. The reason Borthwick Jewelry carried figurines was to take up room in the showcases since inventory was so limited.

History of Tom Borthwick

In the late 1990’s Borthwick Jewelry won business of the year every year for several years. In 2000 Borthwick Jewelry sponsored a team for the local Ski to Sea race and placed 14th out of at least 100 teams. In 2001 Tom won businessman of the year from the Ferndale Record Journal. From 1993 to 2003 Borthwick Jewelry took part in many Whatcom County parades providing a float which pictures a large castle on top of a diamond mine. Tom dressed as the Diamond King and his daughter along with her friends dressed as gem fairies. Ever since Tom has been known as the Diamond King. In 2000 the float came in 2nd out of 109 floats in the Ski to Sea parade.

Tom Borthwick's History
Tom Borthwick Business Person

As the store’s business increased Tom would modernize, increase the square footage and inventory. In 2010 the store got an update of new dark oak showcases and carpet. These new showcases gave the store 20 more feet of display space which enlarged our bridal department. Our happy couples can now sit on the rolling benches, which Tom’s father built, in front of the bridal case and pick out the perfect engagement ring. Tom attends the Tucson, AZ gem show every year where he hand picks items to display and sell in the store. For example, silver jewelry with gemstones, Amethyst and Citrine, Selenite along with many more.

In 2020 the store doubled in size by acquiring the retail space next door. Now the store has custom built showcases, bright, modern carpet and a fresh coat of paint along with a centrally located employee conference table whichprovides gathering spot for quick store meetings. This table also allows employees to promptly and eficiently help customers.


In 2021 Tom went to the Tucson gem show and tripled his inventory which gives our customers more options and choices. A direct result of having more inventory, our sales increased exponentially. Tom also hired 2 new jewelers who have over 40 years combined jewelry repair and design experience.

Due to all of this expansion, increases in inventory and more employees our customers have voted us best “Gold Medal winner” jewelry store in Whatcom County in 2017, 2018, 2021 and 2022. Borthwick’s took the “Bronze” in 2019 and the Silver in 2020. Cascadia Daily news in 2023 voted Borthwick Jewelry won Readers Choice for best jewelry store.

"We care about our customer and our customer know we care".

"If our customers have a problem with our jewelry, we fix it."

"Not only do we fix it, we happily fix it with a smile".

"Thank you everybody for shopping here".

Tom Borthwick
The Diamond King