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Tom Borthwick's History

Tom Borthwick - The Diamond King!

Personal History:

Tom grew up in Pennsylvania and re-located to Washington in 1990. He earned his Eagle Scout in 1982 and graduated Penn State University in 1988 where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics.

He started his Jewelry career in Burlington, VT by taking a managerial position with Gordon Jewelers which made his passion to continue in the industry grow and eventually open his own store. After re-locating to Washington State, Tom was able to open his own store front in Ferndale, WA in 1997. After being in business for 3 years he took an Advanced Stone setting course and, in 2010, a Laser Star training course both through New Approach Jewelers. These courses rounded out Tom’s jewelry repair knowledge. Tom wanted to have a unique and memorable slogan, he decided Diamond King would be it! Since he's known as the Diamond King, customers come in and ask: “Is the Diamond King here!” One of his passions is being able to support local charities. The success of his business has helped him achieve that goal. Tom knows how important programs like the Boy’s and Girl’s club, Habitat for Humanity, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Animals for Natural Therapy (among 40-50 others) are to the community and being able to support them brings a sense of accomplishment and pride to him.

Eagle Scout

Tom’s personal philosophy is to always have fun and enjoy what life has to offer. His sense of humor and laugh are legendary! He’s always making people laugh! He brings this view to work with him everyday. He feels purchasing something for a loved one should be a fun, pleasant and a stress free experience. Tom wants his customers to feel as though they’ve got the perfect piece of jewelry at a great price with excellent service. If Tom’s sitting down doing paperwork you’ll find him sitting on his throne, yes it’s a king's throne, he may perk up with advice or a humorous comment. When he’s not doing paperwork he’s helping customers with a smile, a laugh or a witty story. His over 25 years of jewelry experience and being a bench jeweler gives customers the feeling of being in excellent hands. This is the atmosphere he has fostered in his business.

Eagle Scout
Tom and his wife, Tami, were married in 2007 and they enjoy traveling to far away and exotic places. They have many fun and exciting stories about their travels. When you come in the store ask Tom about his travels and its guaranteed you’ll hear a story or two! He may even show you some of the pictures! Tom has a daughter Nicole and Tami has two sons Maximilliano (Max) and Giovannie (Gio). Both have worked for Tom as salesman and jewelers. The family enjoys many activities which include camping, fishing, laser tag, skiing and four wheeling. When Tom isn’t hanging out with his family, he can be found playing Hockey at the local sportsplex!