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Needing my custom-made wedding band and engagement ring solder I took it to the best, Borthwick's Diamond King. This particular piece is made of Alaskan Gold Nuggets and is not your regular smooth band. The team at Borthwick made sure my ring was exactly the way I wanted it, having me come in to speak with the jeweler before putting it together, fitting exactly the way it should be. I love the way my ring looks! It's stunning!

    Donna MAe Saher-Mulcahy

    Did an amazing job resetting my diamond to a different ring. Service was amazing and craftsmanship was great!

    Maxim Belonozhko

    We have had several pieces of jewelry repaired here, and the work has been extremely well done! WOW!! You can't tell a repair has been done! Today, we brought home a vintage ring that we had a larger diamond put into. It is STUNNING. You would never know it was not all original. Thank you for your eye to detail, your honesty and great work! We will always take our jewelry here for repair!! Bev and Andy Powell

    Andy Powell

    I would like to say that Tom and the gang at Borthwick Jewelry in Ferndale are the best jewelers and some of the most honest and friendly people I have ever had the pleasure to know! Once again they have surpassed my expectations of what good customer service can be! I bought my wife an anniversary ring and then took it back in a week later to have some bands put on it! I like spoiling my wife LOL! Anyway they did a great job getting it all soldered together but unfortunately with it being rose gold and super soft it just wasn't up to there standards or ours and we all agreed. They did everything they could plus more to make me and especially my wife happy with another option, which is what she wanted originally anyway I just couldn't afford it and my buddy Tom made it happen!! all I can say is that I couldn't be happier with the end resolution and result! Happy Wife is a Happy life right? LOL :) If you dont like honest opinions and real customer service with genuine people that you wouldn't mind seeing outside of there place of business, then this might not be the place for you. They dont try to sell you the most expensive thing under the glass like the mall stores do! Let them know what you want or like and what your budget is and as far as I have seen and been a part of they make it happen, every time! Thanks again Tom, Kristi, Kat and Giovanni for being honest great friends! And amazing Jewelers on the side

    Tiffany Lahr

    They genuinely care about making sure you are happy. They get very excited about your ideas and making sure your vision becomes reality. I will never go to another jeweler.

    Bobby Welch

    Thank You Borthwick for taking the time to make sure everything on My Husbands Chain/Mariners Cross is Perfect!!!!! Awesome!!!

    Susan Hoffman

    I have know tom and worked with him when borthwick jewelry was on main street. And tom is the most honest person and who would never lie or be dishonest ever. And he is the only jewelry store i use and the only store i would ever trust with my jewelry. And he is the only store that would not charge you for a stone that fallen out or any other way. And he will give my husband a discount more than me and i worked for him not my husband. Hahaha. To me every women needs a jewelry store they trust and tom borthwick is the most honest and would be your friend and never be shady or be dishonest to you and he values you as a costumer and use him. So women who is looking for a jewelry store well borthwick's is the one you are looking for. I would never take any thing to any other place but there.

    Vanessa Dunbar-Peters

    My wife loves her custom wedding ring, the team treated us like old friends the instant we walked through the door.

    Fred Ouellette

    If you want some work done, buy beautiful jewelry @ a great price, with super people, this is the place to go. They will replace batteries in the watches you buy for as long as you have the watch for free! They do repairs, let you know if your items are valuable & worth fixing, or just let you know whatever it is you need. It is a family business with friendly service that will give you great prices which are usually below the big jewelry stores. So go see Tom and Max @ Borthwick"s, you won't be sorry. My family has been going there for years and why would you want to go anywhere else? It is worth the little trip to Ferndale just to have a look at what they have and meet their "family" and assistants that work there. Thanks Guys & Ladies Julie B.

    Julie Brommers

    All were very helpful. My watch was wet. They tried to fix it. I replaced it with an Eikon Thank you. Very satisfactory


    Helpful- good jobs and beautiful things I buy from them. Also very accommodating.


    Have done a lot of fixing and always do a great job very nice!


    Always do great job and very nice.

    G. Gray

    Very friendly knowledgeable and helpful.

    Alty Rohel

    always treated well here

    Steve Freitas

    July of 2018 - I lost my wedding ring set. It was purchased from a reputable local Jeweler in Bellingham. My wedding ring was lost the same week that I was diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer - so it was a REAL bummer of a week!!!! After looking for a replacement both online and big outlet stores... I went to Borthwick. I thought I picked out a great stunner of a diamond like my original one. But after wearing it for a month or two - it was disappointed with the sparkle and shine. Tom was more than willing to make it right and resolve the issue … timely... professionally... and most importantly fairly! Because of the amount of money I paid for the wedding set... I wanted it to be fair and he WAS! He was more than fair and more than kind to resolve the issue! THANK YOU SO MUCH -- VERY VERY HAPPY with the results!!!!!!

      Janell Lavelle

      Love this place! For one supporting locals is great for the community, and for 2 just amazing, caring people work and own it. � thank you.

        Rachelle Tronsdal

        Borthwick is a fantastic store with fantastic people. Skilled goldsmiths. Good prices. Knowledgeable and resourceful. Handcrafted and custom pieces. Quality work. It's great to work with a store that still has the feel of a small town jeweler - personable, accommodating, and professional. Amazing!

          Wendi Davis

          I have gotten several beautiful pieces and so unique not the same stuff you are going to find in a big box store. If you have something extra special in mind they will find it for you or even make. I am just in love today with all the wonderful pieces today as I was the day I got them. I look forward to years of friendship with this special memory making team. Erin Lewis is very knowledgeable and has an amazing eye.

            Kelly Greenman

            Have been a long time customer of Tom's and most recently my mom, newly widowed took their wedding rings in for suggestions and he created the most beautiful pendant morphing the two into one exquisite prescious jewelry piece. The BEST place for jewelry.

              Tina Embrey Tilton

              I love this jewelry store!! Their selection and customer service rates an A+++!!

                Connie Jones Streubel

                Always friendly, great service. And not out to get your last penny.

                  Denise Brisbin

                  There isn't a better jewelry store around! Go see Tom before anyone else.

                    John Wirts

                    We brought in a ring that was in dire need of a redesign. This wasn't just a random ring...it was one given to me by my husband to celebrate my kicking cancer to the curb 25 years ago..I had another bout with cancer just a few months ago and kicked it once again. This ring is so special to me, and the addition of a larger diamond and a complete "face lift" took this ring from PRETTY to GORGEOUS. WOW!! It's stunning. You went over and above on this one, and I know it. So very grateful. You will always get referrals from us. Always!!

                      Bev Powell

                      There aren't enough words to express how impressed I am with Tom and his staff. Each time I come in I am greeted with a smile and a sense of family. It is hard to not smile! They are wonderful and the quality of their merchandise is top notch. It is worth the drive to Ferndale for such excellent customer service and craftsmanship. Love it, love it, love it!!!!

                        Debbie Corsino

                        I brought 2 rings to be resized and Tom did a beautiful job! They looked better than they did when I left them with him! So then I asked him to redesign my engagement ring to let more light through the diamonds - I was thinking I had to buy a new setting altogether but he saved me the expense and reworked the existing setting. I am delighted with the design, the excellent workmanship and his very smart idea of keeping the original band, just changing it up a bit. And, again, the ring looked much prettier and better than new! Thank you Tom. Borthwick is now our go to jeweller.


                          My wedding rings needed a half shank and they did an incredible job. From excellent customer service to price to workmanship, it was a fantastic experience. So pleased!


                            my mom bought me a custom ring from tom for my 18th birthday 8 years ago and its still as beautiful as ever... he did a wonderful job on it!!

                              Richelle Cooke

                              Tom and his staff are fantastic, friendly, caring and helpful. I don't go any where else for my jewelry or jewelry repair needs. They go out of their way to make it just right for you. First time I went to Borthwick my engagement ring was loosing it's diamond, not only did Tom repair it with stronger teeth to hold the diamond he replaced the diamond with a bit larger one at no additional cost to me. It's been 10 years and the teeth on my ring are still holding the diamond strong. Thank you Borthwick Jewelry for all your wonderful work and caring about making your customers satisfied and happy.

                                Connie Naseth

                                My fiance brought my engagement ring in to be sized...the ring fits perfectly and the jeweler also repaired a couple of the prongs at no additional charge. We have decided that Borthwick Jewelry will be the only place we shop for jewelery in the future!!!!

                                  Micki Rinas

                                  This the place to go...Honest and has a geat selection of beautiful and unusual thing to choose from..He is so helpful..

                                    Anna Daniels

                                    The soldering is barely visible! The wire-wrap superb! The rosary you created is heirloom quality. Thank you.

                                      Eleanore Flanders
                                      ( 2/17/2012)

                                      Want a friendly, helpful, courteous, reasonably priced jeweler? Borthwick's is the place to go. If he doesn't have it, he'll find it, order it or maybe even make it. Tom is the best I've found in my 75 years of living in 5 different states.

                                        Janet Hill

                                        Too many colmpiments too little space, thanks!


                                          Thank you Tom for all your time and attention in finding the perfect diamond for our 25th anniversary! You are the best!!!

                                            Russ & Sylvia Hemple
                                            (11/12/2011 )

                                            I like the unique and beautiful display of jewelry. I have been a customer for 7 years and I still am. Why? Because of the excellent selection, quality and the best service. Thanks Tom and your staff.

                                              Nona corcoran Holien II
                                              (11/6/2011 )

                                              I have had a lot of jewelers, but I have never had the service like I got from Tom/ Borthwick jewelry. And the beautiful selection. Thanks Tom and staff.

                                                Nona corcoran
                                                (11/4/2011 )

                                                We spent months looking for the perfect engagement ring. The department stores did not seem to know what they were talking about and did not listen to what we wanted. My brother recently had bought his engagement ring for his fiance at Borthwick and told us to check there. He said we would really enjoy working with Tom. Well, my brother was right. My fiance (I said yes!!) and I got a BEAUTIFUL engagement ring at a very fair price. Tom taught us all about diamond shopping and made sure we were pleased with out selection. He even went out of his way to make sure my fiance had the ring in time for our trip, which is when he proposed. We were very pleased and appreciated all of Tom's work!

                                                  Michelle & Jason
                                                  (2/19/2011 )

                                                  Borthwick Jewelry is the BEST jewelry store in the state! The level of service they provide is outstanding. Always friendly and helpful. Great prices too! I recently visited the store to have some jewelry checked. Not only was it checked "on the spot"; cleaning was also provided. I left with jewelry that looked new! Thank you Tom as you made my day. I am a happy customer that highly recommends Borthwick Jewelry for any of your jewelry needs. Or, just stop by to see Tom's big smile! Sincerely, Debbie Smith Ferndale, WA

                                                    Debbie Smith
                                                    (2/12/2011 )

                                                    My whole family have been customers of Borthwick Jewelry for the past 2 years. They are always upbeat, knowledgable and extremly helpful with new purchases and repairs.

                                                      Jan Wilson
                                                      (1/23/2011 )